natural sports ground maintenance

performance and durability

optimal conditions

After construction, it is essential to maintain the quality and preserve the turf surface through proper maintenance.

We benefit from the most advanced equipment and a sustained know-how to guarantee that the land is kept in the best conditions of use.

Natural turf requires careful maintenance, as it has a high number of requirements. At the same time, being a living organism, it is prone to diseases, in the absence of appropriate interventions, the entire surface risks being compromised.

Closed stadiums

There are some differences between the maintenance of an outdoor field and that of one inside a stadium. The latter is deprived of a specific natural climate, which means that it will need special maintenance, so that vegetation factors do not lead to damage to the lawn. Moreover, there are other factors that lead to the personalization of the maintenance of a sports field, such as:
  • Soil pH
  • humidity level
  • climate
  • the amount of light the lawn has
  • air circulation in the stadium

In 2012, under the supervision of STRI from Great Britain, the Sports Fields company took care of the lawn maintenance and the preparation of the surface for the Uefa League Final, played on the National Arena, Bucharest.

    Maintenance work required for natural lands



    It is one of the most important maintenance works that helps maintain the density and health of the lawn. The equipment used for mowing directly influences the quality of this operation. That’s why our team owns a wide range of professional hair clippers.



    It aims to create an environment conducive to the development of grass at the root level and decompaction of the playing surface. It is a necessary work both to ensure an optimal development of the lawn and to ensure a safe surface for the players.



    Over time, due to repeated pruning and aging, a layer of dead organic matter forms at the base of the lawn, which must be removed. Depending on the amount of organic matter present, the type of scarifier and the level of aggressiveness with which the work will be performed will be determined.The presence of dead organic matter on the lawn has the effect:• reduction of the vigor and density of the lawn • formation in time of a slippery layer that affects the quality of sports • maintenance of high humidity, increasing the risk of disease



    Important to provide the lawn with all the nutrients it needs for optimal growth and development. Fertilizers can be in granular or liquid form.



    By establishing a well-developed plan of phytosanitary treatments correlated with environmental factors, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of diseases. This is not guaranteed, as the first symptoms of lawn disease are essential for control.



    This is done by spreading a mixture of various components evenly over the entire surface of the land. It brings benefits such as: • Improving the ground level • Provides extra firmness to the ground • Stabilizes the channels created by aeration works • Creates an environment conducive to the emergence of freshly sown lawn


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